Lab created diamond rings

So diamonds are a girl’s best friend according to the saying. The sparkle of a diamond is beautiful and enchanting. But can you afford the price tag that goes with it? Lab created diamond rings have been around for many years now. Many women are probably wearing man made diamond rings right now without even knowing it.

A natural diamond ring will set you back a serious amount of dollars. A typical diamond solitaire ring could cost upwards of $2,000 to even a staggering $50,000 for the right cut. Now if you ask me, love is grand, but not a bottomless pit. It seems senseless to bankrupt yourself over a name and a flawed concept. Lab created diamond rings can prove to be just as beautiful and wonderful as their mined alternative. As non-experts, how many of use could actually tell the difference if given a lab created diamond engagement ring? The purpose of the act of giving a diamond ring is an expression of the depth of our love and affection. If in giving, your … Read the rest

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Lab Created Emerald Ring

If you have ever wished you could afford jewelry made with precious gems, you are not alone. You might be surprised by your options, though. Today, jewelers are selling items that have been created in laboratories which look as good, if not better, than gems mined around the world.

A lab created emerald ring, for instance, could be yours for much less than the price of a ring set with a regular emerald. The price of this man made alternative is much less than that of mined gems, whether you are talking about emeralds or other stones.

As for the differences between a naturally occurring and a man made emerald ring, there is something you will want to take note of. Your scientifically created stone has, according to Wikipedia, a deeper hue and no impurities. How is it possible that your clear emerald is so inexpensive?

lab created emerald ringWhen emeralds are mined, they have flaws in them which, according to experts, are filled with synthetic materials. When held to a light, the consumer can see these … Read the rest

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Moissanite Engagement Rings

If you cannot afford a diamond ring but are looking to buy an equally brilliant sparkling ring to woo your beloved, then consider moissanite engagement rings. Moissanite is a lab-created mineral that is hard and resembles diamond in almost every aspect. Yet it is extremely pocket friendly.

What exactly is Moissanite?

Moissanite is just another name for silicone carbide which is a naturally occurring mineral. Moissanite is named after Dr. Henri Moissan the French Nobel Prize winner who discovered it in a meteorite in Arizona some 50,000 years ago. This gemstone serves as a good substitute for diamonds and is used in different types of ornaments such as pendants, bracelets, bangles and necklaces today.

Moissanite Rings – Features

moissanite engagement ringsIf you are looking for a stunning yet affordable engagement ring for your beloved, then you need not look any further than moissanite engagement rings. Even though this gemstone is cheaper than diamonds, it is far more durable than the latter. Moissanite is more sparkly brilliant than a diamond and many jewelers find it hard to tell the … Read the rest

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When people get engaged, they must select a ring. These days, couples find themselves on tight budgets. They realize that there are more important things to spend their money on like a wedding, honeymoon, or a house, instead of a diamond ring. They turn to CZ wedding sets instead of real diamonds.

CZ Wedding Sets Reviews – 3 Things To Consider For A Ring That Does Not Look Fake

There are three things that make the difference between selecting CZ wedding sets that look real instead of fake:

1. Size: CZ stones are usually totally transparent and flawless. This is what gives them brilliance and perfection. This is the reason that in the light of the sun, a CZ stone will give off a spectrum that is only found in the most expensive and flawless diamonds. This is what makes it hard to pick a large CZ stone for a wedding set. Solitaires that are larger than one carat are often too clear to appear as real. An authentic flawless diamond in that size would be paired with an … Read the rest

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Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

Colored diamond engagement rings are becoming a trendy jewelry option as a couple plans their upcoming marriage. The traditional white diamond is a classic choice, however, when trying to create a unique jewelry expression, a colored diamond will make a good choice.

It is common knowledge that the most famous diamonds throughout the world come in different colors. The Tiffany Diamond is yellow while the Hope Diamond is blue. These colored gems are very expensive and have increased in value over the last few decades.

A real diamond with color is called “fancy”. It can come in various shades of red, purple, blue, green, orange, pink, and blue. A diamond of this nature gets its coloring from trace elements located in rocks. For example, a yellow diamond gets its shade from nitrogen. Irradiation is another way to give a diamond its color.

colored diamond engagement ringsA less expensive alternative to natural diamonds are lab created diamond rings. They have the same consistency of a natural diamond, except they were created in a shorter time frame in a laboratory instead … Read the rest

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Cubic Zirconia Wedding Sets

Gone are the days of being required to spend two to three months salary for rings when getting married. Cubic zirconia wedding sets are great alternatives to diamond rings with a fraction of the cost. They can be bought for 10% or less of what it would cost to buy a traditional wedding ring depending on what the setting was made out off. Buying a cubic zirconia does not mean loosing the look or shine of a traditional diamond ring.

With a lowing economy, it just does not make sense to spend all of savings for a ring just before starting a new life with a loved one. Saving money by looking into lab created diamonds and other alternatives like CZ wedding rings is not just smart, its economical. Why not save money on the rings and have a better honeymoon or pay for a down payment on a home? Nor would you have to wait on getting a ring if you do not have three months salary saved up.

cubic zirconia wedding setsCubic zirconia is a well known … Read the rest

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Inexpensive Engagement Rings

Couples looking to purchase inexpensive engagement rings have more options available today than ever before. The lab created diamond rings come in the same cuts and sizes found for the genuine gemstones, but cost a fraction of the price. These stones are created to have the same sparkle and elegance as genuine diamonds. Most people are not able to tell the difference between them. The synthetic gems can be placed into different settings made with different types of metals. They can be set in sterling silver, platinum or both yellow or white gold.

The classic solitaire style uses one gem, which is placed in the center of the band. This item is the focal point and can be found in all of the classic shapes including pear, round, cushion and square. In addition to the various shapes, these stones are also available in assorted colors, which include the classic white diamond and the new colors of pink and blue. In addition to the traditional solitaire, rings can also be made to include additional stones as accent pieces. … Read the rest

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Moissanite Wedding Sets

Discovered by Henry Moissan in 1893, the mineral moissanite was first mistakenly identified as diamond crystals. After further examination, however, this rare mineral was found to contain silicon and carbon held compactly by crystalline bonds. Hence, it was classified as a polymorph of silicon carbide. It’s like a very strong crystal. After almost a decade later since its discovery, moissanite found its place in jewelry shops assuming the role as being an excellent diamond substitute. It has become a favorite alternative and has been the centerpiece in moissanite wedding sets.

Why moissanite is reasonably hard

Similar to diamonds, the crystalline structure of silicon carbide is held together by very strong covalent bonds between the atoms that constitute the mineral. In the Mohs scale, it has a hardness of 9.5 just second to diamond.

Properties of moissanite compared with the hardest gemstone

moissanite wedding setsMoissanite diamond engagement rings have become the cheaper alternative for expensive jewelry. Compared with diamond, moissanite wedding sets feature a near colorless gemstone. This level of clarity is similar to the most common diamonds that qualify … Read the rest

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Engagement Rings Under 1000

As far as engagement rings under 1000 dollars are concerned, there are a lot of wonderful varieties available. In this era of economic recession, it makes more sense to go for the more economical deal than the more expensive one. There was a time when people used to prefer the costlier offering in attribution to the ‘quality’ that the makers of those commodities claimed. But now since unemployment is at an all time high and debt is rising like an endless nemesis (both on an individual front and the collective front), it makes complete sense to opt out for the deal that charges less. Jewellery is no exception to this very rule.

engagement rings under 1000Regarding those assortment of offerings that come under thousand dollars, there are a lot of diamond simulants and low cost gemstones. Also some real diamonds are also being offered under the thousand dollar mark. But generally speaking, the diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia (also known as CZ) and moissanite are the regular modes of ornaments in the market. Also lab created diamonds are … Read the rest

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Gemesis Engagement Rings

When it comes to finding that perfect engagement ring, it is certainly understandable that you want something with a beautiful stone that will bring many years of compliments and pleasure to your new bride-to-be. However, purchasing a good quality diamond that is of a size that one can actually notice is an expensive investment. Fortunately, there is an affordable option when choosing diamonds and Gemesis engagement rings are a wonderful solution.

Gemesis loose diamonds are synthetic or lab created, they are available in a wide range of sizes and colors giving them an added level of interest and beauty. For a truly unique type of jewelry, consider Gemesis diamond rings for an engagement ring, wedding or even anniversary ring. These beautifully created synthetic gemstones offer an amazing high-quality that is indistinguishable from a real diamond and the best part is, they cost only a fraction of what a natural diamond would cost.

A Gemesis diamond comes in many fancy colors including pink, canary yellow, blue and many more. Additionally, these synthetic diamonds are identical in chemical structure … Read the rest

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The Beauty and Affordability of Cultured Diamond Engagement Rings

Many couples today are choosing alternative rings for use as engagement items rather than the traditional pieces set with harvested diamonds. The cultured diamond engagement rings are bands set with man made gemstones, which are created to replicate the look and brilliance of the natural stones. The synthetic gems are also available in sizes of one carat or more and come in colors with hues of blue, pink and yellow. They are also available in the same cuts people would find for the real diamond gemstones.

The appeal of the synthetic gems is matched by the price tag they come with. Because they are not harvest from mines which requires a lot of time and effort on the part of the miners, the man made items can be sold for a lot less. They are also not as scarce or rare, because the labs can create as many pieces as the demand requires. These eco engagement rings do not deplete the natural resources found within the earth’s surface. It takes a … Read the rest

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