How to Select CZ Wedding Sets That Look Real


When people get engaged, they must select a ring. These days, couples find themselves on tight budgets. They realize that there are more important things to spend their money on like a wedding, honeymoon, or a house, instead of a diamond ring. They turn to CZ wedding sets instead of real diamonds.

CZ Wedding Sets Reviews – 3 Things To Consider For A Ring That Does Not Look Fake

There are three things that make the difference between selecting CZ wedding sets that look real instead of fake:

1. Size: CZ stones are usually totally transparent and flawless. This is what gives them brilliance and perfection. This is the reason that in the light of the sun, a CZ stone will give off a spectrum that is only found in the most expensive and flawless diamonds. This is what makes it hard to pick a large CZ stone for a wedding set. Solitaires that are larger than one carat are often too clear to appear as real. An authentic flawless diamond in that size would be paired with an extremely high price tag of at least tens of thousands of dollars. Most friends and family know the budget constraints on a newly married couple. To achieve a believable look, it is best to stick to a size that would equate to the same size a couple could afford in real diamonds from a jewelry store. Sticking to around 1/2 carat to 1 carat is the best size to purchase in cubic zirconia.

2. Metal: One of the most important ways to make cubic zirconia wedding ring sets appear real and not fake is to pick a quality setting. Most real diamonds are set in 14K gold or platinum. Most people will mistake the beauty of a faux diamond for the real thing. However, if they see that the gemstone is placed next to a poor wedding band, many will be able to spot a fake. Gold and platinum metals may add a higher cost to the set, but in the end, will be worth it. Selecting sterling silver and stainless steel, newer trends in jewelry, may be a cheaper alternative to platinum. Stainless is very durable and is now being used in many different styles of rings.

3. Color: Very few diamonds are perfectly clear. Most affordable diamonds include inclusions or imperfections. Most affordable diamonds are also less than colorless. It is wise to find a CZ that comes comes with a bit of a yellow or gray tinge which is equivalent to a more common grade of diamond.

CZ Wedding Sets Reviews – 3 of the most popular CZ Wedding Sets

 CZ Wedding Sets Women’s set material is Solid Sterling Silver finished with Platinum/RhodiumWomen’s engagement ring: 1.6 ct Princess cut Center stone.Women’s wedding band: 4 emerald cut stones.Men’s ring material is TITANIUMTake a closer look!
 CZ Wedding Sets Tungsten Highly polished band encircling the face of the ring supports 7 of the greatest quality cubic zirconias (CZ) sparkling beautifully in their setting. Look really great. Tungsten is 10 times harder than 18K gold, 5 times harder than tool steel and 4 times harder than titanium.Take a closer look!
 CZ Wedding Sets  The material of these rings are sterling-silver. Great review on, take a look by yourself.

Faux diamonds no longer come with the previous negative stigma as in the past. More people wear CZ wedding ring
sets than anyone imagines. Many cubic zirconia rings appear so similar to real diamonds that only jewelers will be able to tell the difference under magnification. There are a number of advantages involved with selecting CZ stones to real diamonds. Obviously, the lower price is the highest benefit. They can be made in various colors from clear which is equivalent to a perfect diamond to a wide range of colors. Cubic zirconia is also almost flawless which equals the high grade “F” diamonds. Ad cubic zirconia jewelry becomes more and more popular, they can be found in a number of outlets.

Many jewelry stores now stock a wide variety of CZ wedding sets. Online retailers stock many as well as television retailers like QVC.

Considering CZ Wedding Sets is a good idea

Many married couples will begin with CZ wedding sets. As previously stated, when a couple first gets married, they often can not afford a real diamond if they are planning on buying a home and starting a family. This is not to say that in the future the CZ ring can not be traded up for the real thing. A CZ ring is a great way to bide the time until finances become better. As long as a person follows the above tips, there is no reason that a CZ ring will be considered fake. The cubic zirconia must be believably sized. Staying under one carat will maintain the appearance of a real diamond. Having the CZ set in precious metal is also important. An expensive setting will make the cubic zirconia appear more real. Finally, choosing a color a bit less than perfect will also lend to making it more believable as well.

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