Lab Created Diamond Rings


Lab created diamond rings

So diamonds are a girl’s best friend according to the saying. The sparkle of a diamond is beautiful and enchanting. But can you afford the price tag that goes with it? Lab created diamond rings have been around for many years now. Many women are probably wearing man made diamond rings right now without even knowing it.

A natural diamond ring will set you back a serious amount of dollars. A typical diamond solitaire ring could cost upwards of $2,000 to even a staggering $50,000 for the right cut. Now if you ask me, love is grand, but not a bottomless pit. It seems senseless to bankrupt yourself over a name and a flawed concept. Lab created diamond rings can prove to be just as beautiful and wonderful as their mined alternative. As non-experts, how many of use could actually tell the difference if given a lab created diamond engagement ring? The purpose of the act of giving a diamond ring is an expression of the depth of our love and affection. If in giving, your only object is to impress by how much you spent, then you need to look again.

lab created diamond ringsFinding lab created diamond rings today is simple, as they are readily available in stores and on the internet. Prices are generally anything from 20-40% lower than their natural alternatives. But the craftsmanship that goes into a man made diamond rings is just as careful and skilled. A fantastic piece that shines and sparkles can be purchased within your budget and still impress just as much.

When you do look at any non-natural diamond rings, you have to be aware that there are 3 basic types as well. Labs created diamonds have virtually no difference to the real thing. These synthetic diamond rings use diamonds made in a lab using conditions similar to those in nature. But you can also get simulated diamond rings, which are slightly different. You might be familiar with these already. Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia are the 2 main varieties. Whilst they are impressive, they do not have the same hardness or light dispersion qualities that you will find in a true lab created diamond engagement ring or similar.

When looking for lab created jewelry, there are several pointers you need to look out for. First of all check that they are synthetic and not simulated diamonds. Simulated diamonds are not the same and in fact do not mirror the properties of real diamonds very closely. Diamonds in Moissanite rings are not as hard and do not have the light diffusion that give a diamond its trademark sparkle. For cultured diamond rings you should be looking for such names as Tairus and Gemesis who are two of the better producers in the world

So you can see that there are alternatives that will be beautiful without costing the earth. Lab created diamond rings do not hold the same stigma that they used to and will provide the same enjoyment and thanks that a natural one can.

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Timothy Krams @ 10:51 am #

I am seriously considering lab created diamond rings. I have to agree with you that there is no point going bankrupt for a single ring. I am about to propose to my girlfriend of 8 years, and I am saving my butt out to give her the best ring. However, a real diamond will cost me a third of my savings, this doesn’t include the wedding preparations etc. I think it is more practical to give her a better life than a real diamond. It is way much better to buy a house where we can have a family than a ring that would cost us a comfortable life. Don’t you think, guys?

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