Synthetic Diamond Rings


Synthetic Diamond Rings

Diamonds, one of the finest and hardest stones of all times will continue to remain a girl’s best friend for centuries to come. You can give diamond rings to your spouse as presents, or when proposing to your girlfriend and it will have a 100 percent success rate of impressing her. However naturally produced diamonds which are extracted from the ground are very expensive and purchasing it is not a good choice especially when lab created diamond rings are available which cost significantly lower than natural diamonds. But the question is, are synthetic diamond rings as good as the natural ones?

synthetic diamond ringsLab created diamond are called synthetic diamonds and are created in a laboratory being provided similar conditions as they get under the ground. Synthetic diamonds are grown from crystals which are placed under high temperature and pressure and with time evolve as diamonds which are as beautiful as real ones. They have far more uses besides being used as a piece of jewellery including optics, machinery and other applications.

Synthetic diamond engagement rings are a good choice for couples especially because of the numerous benefits they carry, first and the foremost being the cost. Synthetic diamond rings can cost about 1-10 percent of real diamonds, and hence are clearly a cost saving strategy. Secondly, if synthetic diamond rings are chosen to be purchased, one will enjoy an additional benefit of having them made in extraordinary colours like pink, yellow, black diamonds and blue diamonds. This feature is not available in natural diamonds. On top of this, synthetic diamond rings are made flawlessly and in an ethical manner which is not true for natural ones.

Some of the synthetic diamond engagement rings that you can buy for your to-be-fiancé can include the following:

  1. Solitaire Synthetic Diamond Engagement Ring
    • Tiffany: It is a single stone finely cut diamond ring which is sure to win your girlfriends heart into marriage. It costs around $690.
    • Viola: It costs around $885. A fine metal made of gold embraces the single diamond in the middle. It is sure to enhance the beauty of your girl’s hand.
    • Zenia: It costs around $690. It is a single stone in the middle and is cut in the shape of a square. Its beauty is eye catching.
  2. Antique Synthetic Diamond Engagement Ring
    • Ella: It costs around $998. The way it is made is breath takingly beautiful and the engraved pattern around the metal is sure to melt your heart. The diamond in the middle is huge and you could choose the colour you want.
    • Gwyneth: This is expensive because of small diamonds placed around the metal on all the sides. The diamond in the middle has been cut in the shape of a square. It costs $2815.
  3. Side Stones Synthetic Diamond Engagement Rings
    • Madelyn: This has an intricate pattern of diamonds on each side of the ring. There are 5 diamonds at the top made in the shape of a flower giving it a very pretty look. Any young girl would be impressed at how the diamonds have been placed in the ring. It costs around$1185.
    • Gwen: This ring costs $1595. The diamond has been cut in a very artistic manner and placed on all sides of the ring with a big pink diamond placed at the top middle.

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